Bone Hydra

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Bone Hydra
Bone Hydra.png
Location Asphodel
Combat Style Various
Health 6000 (Main)

1200 (500 Armor, 700 Health) (Support)

Base Damage Varies

The Bone Hydra is what remains of the Lernaean Hydra, slain by the demi-god hero Herakles as part of his Twelve Labors. It now dwells in the fiery Phlegethon river that flows through Asphodel, and guards the passage to Elysium.

The Bone Hydra is the boss encounter for Asphodel, as well as the second boss encountered in every run of Hades. They are always encountered at Chamber 24, the final Chamber of Asphodel.

Combat[edit | edit source]

The Bone Hydra is fought in its own unique chamber. This chamber is shaped like a semi-hexagon island surrounded by lava, with pots containing healing in the top 2 corners of the island. It also features 4 indestructable pillars which are placed in the more center area of the island. The Hydra rests at the top edge of the island, only extending down to the center of the island when Lunging.

The Bone Hydra's attacks start off relatively simple and grow more complex as the fight goes on. It begins the fight with three abilities: Lunge, Volley, and Ground Slam.

  • Lunge: The Hydra's head charges in the direction of Zagreus after a brief delay.
  • Volley: The Hydra's head retreats back to the top of the island and launches a stream of slow moving dart projectiles which home in on Zagreus' current position.
  • Ground Slam: The Hydra's head slams itself into the ground beneath it, dealing damage in a shockwave around it.

At 66% and 33% max HP, the Hydra retreats, becoming invulnerable and spawning increasing numbers of additional "Support Heads" at fixed points around the edge of the arena. These additional heads have their own abilities and must be defeated before the main head will become vulnerable to attack again.

  • At 66% max HP, it summons 3 Support Heads in the edges of the arena.
  • At 33% max HP, it summons 6 Support Heads in the edges of the arena.

Each Support Head has access to the Lunge attack, and one other attack:

  • Melee (White/Yellow) - Ground Slam: Have access to the Ground Slam attack the base Head has, with a smaller radius and less damage.
  • Ranged (Pink) - Lava Spittle: Spews out three fireballs which cover sections of the arena near the head with temporary lava.
  • Summon (Green) - Hydra Teeth: Spits out three orbs with 50 HP which spawn a Bloodless unless destroyed within 5 seconds.
  • Control (Orange/Red) - Waves: Releases wave attacks in Zagreus's direction which deal 7 damage and push back on contact.

Additionally, at 66% and 33% max HP, the Hydra's main head will gain improvements to its base attacks.

  • At 66% max HP, Volley becomes Barrage. The Hydra quickly retreats to the top edge to launch a large amount of fast moving dart projectiles in Zagreus' direction and general area, which will circle around the arena and home in on him. When Support Heads have been summoned, this attack briefly reverts back to Volley.
  • At 33% max HP, Ground Slam becomes Triple Ground Slam, and causes the Hydra to slam its head into the ground beneath it three times in quick succession. The head is able to move towards Zagreus a short distance between each bounce. The Melee Support heads do not gain access to Triple Ground Slam, and will only attack with their normal Ground Slam.

Extreme Measures[edit | edit source]

When using the second rank of the Extreme Measures condition of the Pact of Punishment, the Bone Hydra's arena will change. Rather than one large island with the Hydra tethered to the topmost edge, it will instead be fought in the center of a smaller island split up by streams of lava. There are no permanent pillars in this arena, but there are a number of breakable pillars scattered around.

When summoning Support Heads, instead of being trapped to the left, right, and bottom edges of the island, they will spawn on all four sides of the island. The main head will remain in the middle.

Upon reaching 66% health, the Bone Hydra will shatter the neck keeping it tethered to the center of the arena before summoning the support heads. The now-disembodied head will begin to chase Zagreus around the arena, frequently lunging at Zagreus and triple ground slamming. It will continue to act like this even after all 6 of its Support Heads are vanquished. It is still invulnerable while its Support Heads are alive.

After being reduced to 33% max HP with Extreme Measures, it will lose the ability to use Volley or Barrage for the rest of the fight.

Reward[edit | edit source]

When defeated, the Bone Hydra drops a Diamond if Bounty conditions are met. This means that either it must be Zagreus' first victory against it with a weapon, or the Target Heat must be met for that weapon. Otherwise, it will drop 80 Darkness. The Darkness reward is affected by Boons and bonuses (Dark Thirst, Poseidon's Ocean's Bounty, Chaos's Eclipse, etc.)

After picking up the reward, the door on the opposite side of the chamber will open, allowing Zagreus access to the Stairway Chamber between Asphodel and Elysium. In the chamber is a Healing Fountain, a Well of Charon, Pool of Purging, and the Keepsake Display Case (if it has been purchased at the House Contractor).

Codex entry[edit | edit source]

Codex.png '...Stripped of the flesh the hero Herakles sliced through and cauterized, the Hydra now resides within the Underworld, stewing in the scintillating tumult of the fire-river called the Phlegethon. It mercilessly watches over passage toward Elysium, devouring those shades who would dare seek the comforts of that hallowed place.'

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The orbs spawned by the support heads are referred to in the game files as "Hydra Teeth". This may be a reference to the "dragon's teeth" mentioned in the Argonautica, which sprung up into skeletal warriors when sown in the ground.
  • The Hydra's full name was misspelled prior to the Good Times update, missing the first A out of Lernaean.
  • The Bone Hydra was the final boss of the game prior to Patch 018, the first patch of the Beefy Update.
  • As of the Long Winter update, Zagreus can decide to nickname the Bone Hydra "Lernie". The Hydra's health bar is then labelled Lernie the Bone Hydra in all subsequent fights.