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Location Temple of Styx
Combat Style Projectiles
Health ??? (Armor:???)
Base Damage 25

Bothers are spirits made up of the ashes of multiple deceased mortals. These spirits take up residence in burial urns to combine their strength in an attempt to escape the Underworld. They can be found crawling about in the highest reaches of the Underworld, the Temple of Styx.

They resemble and attack similarly to Wretched Pests, but are much stronger.

When a Bother spots Zagreus, it will move away from him in an attempt to find a safe position to fire from. Shortly after, it will launch a projectile into the air, which will deal large AoE damage around where it hits when it lands. The damage done by these will only affect Zagreus, unlike the traps created by Wretched Pests. Also unlike Pests, Bothers will move continuously, rather than try to hide and blend in.

A larger, tougher Bother will serve as a possible encounter at the end of one of the Satyr Tunnels. This Bother will send several blasts out at once, surrounding itself in a wide radius to discourage players from getting close enough to attack.

Codex entry[edit | edit source]

Codex.png '...The dead share much in common with the living; each desperate for something they cannot articulate. For the dead, this can mean an unrelenting urge to gain the surface of the Master's realm, and break free (or try) using whatever means avail themselves -- even lurking in an unassuming bowl of ash. It is almost poetic how these petty souls detest the living, striving as they do to regain their own lives. And to what end? They fling themselves upon the threshold to the Underworld, inevitably shattering, their ashes spreading far and wide, so that they might reconstitute on some impending day or night, and give it another go.'