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Companion Fidi is obtained by reaching a high level of trust with Dusa, and then gifting her Ambrosia.

Using Fidi in battle will summon Dusa to aid you. She will appear briefly and fire 70-damage petrifying shots at enemies for 15 seconds.

Fidi cannot be used outside of combat encounters or while fighting Hades.

Like other Companions, Fidi can only be used once per combat encounter, and up to 5 times per run (upgradable with Ambrosia).

Codex Entry[edit | edit source]

Codex.png '...When Fidi first emerged from the darkness, she grew very concerned as to why she was forced to slither bodily along the ground, while shades could float about, and bats could fly. Why was she forced to move in such a thoroughly ignoble way? It was unfair. However, Mother Night implored her not to be so vain about her sense of justice; surely there were creatures who envied her. But Fidi was unconvinced. She crawled deep into a hole, ashamed, and angered by the world's cruelties. Various creatures gathered, concerned for her, and attempted to draw her out. But Fidi only dug deeper; she thought they were deceiving her. By the time Mother Night found her, she was very hungry and alone. Now, Fidi has a new perspective on the world. And she no longer needs to crawl, for she travels wherever whomever she is given to wishes to go. '

Additional notes[edit | edit source]

It's revealed in a conversation between Zagreus and Dusa that Nyx gifted Fidi to Dusa as a reward for sprucing up the lounge (Dusa's Favor), with Dusa suspecting that Nyx knows it would be passed on to Zagreus regardless.