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Companion Mort is obtained by reaching a high level of trust with Thanatos, and then gifting him Ambrosia.

Using Mort in battle will summon Thanatos to aid you. He will appear briefly and deal 3500 damage in a wide, circular area in front of you after a delay. The AoE damage is of the same style as the delayed AoE attack utilized in Thanatos' encounters.

Mort cannot be used outside of combat encounters, during a Thanatos encounter, or while fighting Hades.

Like other Companions, Mort can only be used once per combat encounter, and up to 5 times per run (upgradable with Ambrosia).

Additional notes[edit | edit source]

It's implied in a conversation with Thanatos that Mort was a childhood toy of his. Zagreus recalls that Thanatos lost Mort long ago, but has seemingly found him since then.