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Fishing is a minigame available throughout the underworld in various places available after purchasing a Fishing Rod from the House Contractor. Fishing rewards the player with various Artifacts.

Spawning of Fishing Spot[edit | edit source]

A fishing spot can only spawn when all of the following conditions are met:

  • The chamber is designed to contain a fishing spot (i.e. with some kind of water / lava in it).
  • More than X chambers (non-inclusive) since the last time a fishing spot spawned (see the table below).
  • The check of spawning chance succeeds:
Biome Chance Number of chambers since last fishing spot
Tartarus 50% 10
Asphodel 10% 10
Elysium 10% 10
Hub of Styx 80% 1
Chaos 2% 10

The game will notify the player that a fishing spot spawns with a "ding" sound when:

  • The player picks up the room reward (if there is one)
  • The player enters a Store chamber
  • The player enters a chamber to meet Sisyphus / Eurydice / Patroclus

How to Fish[edit | edit source]

If the chamber isn't cleared of enemies, Zagreus cannot start fishing until the encounter is cleared.

Stand near the fishing spot and press the Interact button to start fishing. The buoy may fake bob for up to 3 times. When a fish bites the hook, the buoy will submerge completely in the water. Also, there will be a flash of light on top of the rod. At this moment, the player should press the Interact button as soon as possible to catch the fish.

The sooner to catch the fish, the higher rarity the fish will be. The time window of fishing is:

  • Less than 0.34 second: Perfect catch. Guaranteed to catch a Rare fish. 5% chance to catch a Legendary fish
  • 0.34 second to 0.68 second: Good catch. 5% chance to catch a Rare fish.
  • After 1 second: fail with a "Too Late" message.

When Zagreus is fishing, the in-game run timer and the timer of Tight Deadline will be paused.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

After returning to The House of Hades, Zagreus can turn in all the fish to the head chef to exchange for rewards. If the player starts a new run without turning in the fish, the fish caught in previous run will be lost forever.

Specimen Biome Rank Value Codex Notes


Tartarus Common 5 Gemstone '...From the looks of them, they must have once been stowaways on the outer hull of Charon's boat, affixing themselves just below the waterline, securing passage from the surface down into the depths via the River Styx. Having adapted to the river's blood-red waters here, they are by now as common as undying shades, and seem very much content to have reached these depths.'


Rare 20 Gemstone '...My mother taught me countless water-dwelling denizens, though of this variety, I learned much more only in darkest Tartarus, their habitat being the deepest reaches of the River Styx. I believe they once were living sea-creatures themselves, their faint spirits having washed down all this way via the river, to take on a form of un-life, here.'


Legendary 30 Gemstone '...There is a monstrous sea-creature that thrashes somewhere in Poseidon's waters far above; we were very careful to avoid sailing across her trenches even in my sailing days. This rare breed is reminiscent of her dozen heads. Whether or not these creatures are related to Scylla, or merely appear to be, is a matter that is still contested, as no one has yet bothered asking Scylla herself.'


Asphodel Common 1 Chthonic Key


Rare 3 Chthonic Key '...The armored, heat-proof carapace of the chrustacean makes if perfectly suited to quietly surviving, if not thriving, in the fire-river slashing all the way across Asphodel. In ocean waters, similar creatures serve as easy prey -- but not this magma-loving variety, which tends to be left alone. Though, some do swim up from the riverbed in search of companionship.'


Legendary 5 Chthonic Key


Elysium Common 1 Nectar


Rare 2 Nectar '...The Elysian charp seems to be the shade of a surface-dwelling fish highly reminiscent of it, with similarly multicolored scales and a placid, almost contemplative temperament. Its powerful shimmering form roils the waters of the River Lethe, stirring the thick mists that flow across the river's surface.'


Legendary 3 Nectar


Temple of Styx Common 20 Gemstone '...This is an altogether odd river-creature, which skirts the border between the surface and the underworld, likewise persisting in a state somewhere between life and death. It swims endlessly against the currents of the Styx, which threaten constantly to drag it down deeper into this abyss; but it has strength enough to keep fighting against this.'


Rare 40Gemstone '...Truly a bottom-feeder of a fish, the scuffer evidently is much more adventurous than similar saltwater counterparts, as it dares to dwell in the waters of the River Styx near the border where the waters plummet down into the abyss. The creature's ability to defensively inflate not only provides it a means of protection, but keeps it from getting dragged under the waters and into the underworld itself.'


Legendary 150 Gemstone '...The hard-headed, harpoon-nosed stonewhal is an elusive species that feeds on lesser river creatures that dwell too close to the gates of the Underworld, slaying them so that their little souls may then be eligible for the rest of the journey. Likely it was once a wayward sea-faring denizen itself, which proved capable of living in fresh water, and found a fertile feeding ground on the River Styx.'


Chaos Common 1 Diamond


Rare 1 Titan Blood


Legendary 1 Ambrosia