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Health is Zagreus's Life Total. By default, he has 50 Health. If it reaches 0, he will die and revive in the House of Hades. You start each run with full health, and it is reduced by being hit by enemy attacks or traps, triggering relevant Chaos curses, entering a Chaos Gate without the Cosmic Egg.pngCosmic Egg equipped, or inflicting self-damage with the Adamant Rail's Hazard Bomb upgrade.

When unlocked from the Mirror of Night, Zagreus can get Death Defiances. Instead of dying after receiving lethal damage which reduces his health to 0, Zagreus instead loses one Death Defiance charge, briefly becomes invulnerable, and restores 50% Health for a second chance.

Increasing Max Health[edit | edit source]

  • Centaur Heart.png Centaur Heart is an artifact that grants 25 Health for the run, or 50 Health if found in an Erebus encounter or Elite Temple of Styx wing.
  • Old Spiked Collar.png Old Spiked Collar, a keepsake from Cerberus, can be equipped to increase your Health by 25, 38, or 50.
  • Darkness.png Darkness from room reward can give 5 Health for the run after being upgraded by the House Contractor.
  • Aphrodite's boon Life Affirmation enhances Health chamber rewards and shop.
  • Dionysus's boon Premium Vintage lets Nectar pickups increase your Health when they are obtained in that run.
  • Chaos's blessing Soul adds some amount of Health for that run.
  • Well of Charon sometimes sells Life Essence Centaur Soul give 25 Health, without restoring Health.
  • Thick Skin upgrade from the Mirror of Night adds 5 Health per rank permanently as long as Darkness is invested in the upgrade, up to a maximum of 50Health.
  • The Aspect of Arthur for the Stygian Blade adds 50 Health when being used.

Regaining health[edit | edit source]

  • Charon sometimes sells food that will provide Health.
  • Well of Charon sometimes sells Life Essence Life Essence (restores a varying amount of Health); Eye of Lamia.pngEye of Lamia (gives slain foes a 15% chance to drop healing food); or HydraLite.pngHydraLite (restores 10% Health when entering a chamber, for 3 times)
  • After vanquishing the boss of each biome (except for the Temple of Styx), the next chamber has a Healing Fountain that restores a portion of health.
  • In the Temple of Styx, the chamber with the Satyr Sack and room reward will have a Healing Fountain that restores significantly more health than other fountains.
  • After being unlocked from the House Contractor, you have a chance to enter a Fountain Chamber in the first three biomes, which have no encounters, the room reward, and a Healing Fountain.
  • Chthonic Vitality upgrade from the Mirror of Night lets you restore 1 Health per rank when entering a chamber, up to a maximum of +3.
    • Alternatively, the Dark Regeneration upgrade restores Health by 30% of any Darkness you collect per rank, up to a maximum of 60%.
  • Sisyphus will offer to restore a portion of your Health as one of his options.
  • Patroclus will offer HydraLite Gold as one of his options, which restores 30% Health when entering a chamber, for 5 times.
  • Harpy Feather Duster.png Harpy Feather Duster, a keepsake from Dusa, grants a 3, 5 or 6% chance that destroyed urns will contain healing food Life Essence which restores 10Health.
  • Athena's boon Last Stand can increase the amount of Health restored by Death Defiance.
  • Dionysus's boon After Party restores Health to a certain threshold, if your health is low after an encounter.
  • Hermes's boon Quick Recovery lets you recover some % of Health lost after taking damage by Dashing immediately afterwards.
  • Demeter's boon Nourished Soul restores a portion of Health and increases the potency of any further Health in the run.
  • Poseidon's boon Sunken Treasure drops some healing food Life Essence. This boon can be obtained multiple times in a run.
  • Demeter and Athena's Duo boon Stubborn Roots will regenerate Health slowly while you have no Death/Stubborn Defiance.
  • Using Companion Shady will drop 4 healing food items Life Essence, each use can restore 40 Health.
  • Some Weapon Aspects and Daedalus Hammer.pngDaedalus Hammers give Life-stealing abilities to weapons, but usually come with penalties to max health.

Penalties to Health[edit | edit source]

  • Chaos's curse Atrophic temporarily reduces Life Total by some amount for a few encounters, after which it turns into a Chaos blessing.
  • The Pact Condition Lasting Consequences makes any source of Health less effective by 25/50/75/100% when it is active.
  • A Daedalus upgrade for the Stygian Blade, Cursed Slash, lets Attack that hit enemies restore 2 Health, but you have -60% Health (also applies to any increases to max health in that run)
  • The Aspect of Guan Yu for the Eternal Spear has a Life-stealing Spin Attack, but max Health and Health are reduced (also applies to any increases to max health in that run)