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Heat represents the level of self-imposed difficulty of Zagreus' escape attempts. The Heat level can be raised or lowered by using the Pact of Punishment before starting a run. Having a certain amount of Heat active allows Infernal Gates containing greater rewards to be unlocked.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

During the initial part of Early Access, Heat was an obtainable item like Darkness or Ambrosia. As such, it had a Codex entry in the "Artifacts" section, which is now no longer accessible. The Codex entry read:

Codex.png '...The Underworld is the most ancient of the places in this world; the center and foundation on which all of surface-dwelling life came into being. It is a place composed chiefly of two primal forces: One of them is darkness. The other is heat. Heat is the binding force of this land, for within the earth resides a furnace hotter than the forges of Hephaestus. As darkness forms the shape and substance of the Underworld, heat forms its power -- a power harnessed by the Master and Lord of Death himself, in his eternal vigil to ensure his realm continues to be feared and insurmountable.'