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The House of Hades is located in the deepest depths of the underworld. It is the personal estate of Lord Hades, who resides here with his family and staff. The floor plan of the House was designed by Daedalus. Shades are often seen milling about complaining about their lives and deaths, or forming part of the procession Hades tends to as part of his duties.

Many characters can be found and spoken with here, although not all may be present at any given time. Megaera will only be present in the House after an escape attempt in which she was killed; the same is true of Thanatos, once he returns to the underworld. Lord Hades may not appear after a run that reaches his fight. Sometimes characters will already be having conversations when Zagreus returns - if this is the case then he can only eavesdrop, and cannot give either character Nectar.

The Pool of Styx, watched over by Hypnos, is located in the House's foyer. It is from this pool that Zagreus emerges whenever he dies in the underworld; according to Hypnos, only House staff and guests of honor can use the Pool in this manner. Megaera presumably falls under one category or the other, either because of her status as Nyx's daughter or because of her duties within the underworld.

There is apparently a rule against violence within the House, as Megaera is not permitted to harm Zagreus (no matter how much she might like to). This may be part of why neither Alecto nor Tisiphone are permitted within the House; Achilles claims neither of them have "earned the right".