Infernal Trove

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Infernal Trove.png

Treasure chests worth more the faster you slay the foes guarding them.

Infernal Troves are chests that may occasionally be found in the underworld. They most commonly contain Obols, but can sometimes contain Darkness , Health , or Gemstone instead.

Upon trying to open an Infernal Trove, enemies begin to spawn in. These enemies must be killed quickly, as the reward from the Trove decays slowly the longer the challenge continues. Upon all enemies being killed, the timer freezes, and Zagreus may collect his reward from the Trove.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Infernal Troves cannot spawn in the first chamber of a biome, in a boss room, or in the chamber immediately following a boss. They will also not spawn in consecutive chambers. They do not spawn naturally in the chambers in Temple of Styx. A Trove Tracker can override these conditions and cause a Trove to spawn regardless, where possible.

Extra Drop[edit | edit source]

In addition to its intended reward, an Infernal Trove can drop a Nectar at a rate of 5% when all the spawned enemies are killed.