Patch 031

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Early Access Patch 031 - October 17, 2019

This patch ties up some loose ends in the Superstar Update as we set our sights on our next Major Update, coming in December. It'll cap off a full year of updates, and we plan to make it a big one. Until then!

Boons & Blessings

+ Support Fire (Artemis): now upgradeable using Poms

Daedalus Hammer Upgrades

+ Rapid Shot (Bow): you now can hold the attack command to autofire; now called Flurry Shot

Foes & Encounters

+ Reduced how many Crawlers can appear in tougher encounters in the Temple of Styx

Level Design & Environments

+ Minor fixes and improvements to some chambers

Art & Visual FX

+ Visual touch-ups for the Bone Hydra

+ Additional visual touches to Asphodel chamber enter-and-exit sequence

+ Improvements to the Shield's Throw special recovery animation while using alternate Aspects

+ Updated textures for the Blade's Nemesis Aspect

+ Added passive visual effect to the Music Stand

Menus & UI

+ Improved feedback for some states of the Pact screen

Music & SFX

+ Added some sound effects to the Bone Hydra encounter

+ Updated some sound effects for the Weapon Aspects screen

+ Other minor additions, fixes, and improvements

Voice & Narrative

+ Added a narrative event for Eurydice

+ Added some new Zagreus voice lines for certain Pact, Daedalus Hammer, and Bounty interactions

+ Additional minor fixes and improvements to some narrative events and contextual voice lines


+ Recovered the missing Infernal Contract that Lord Hades is always holding in his portrait

+ Persuaded an occasional pack of Shades in the House of Hades to move away from the Music Stand

+ Unified text descriptions for Boons and upgrades with Flurry effects

+ Other minor text changes

Bug Fixes

+ Fixed interaction between Athena's Holy Shield and Blinding Flash

+ Fixed Divine Dash (Athena) not always applying critical damage correctly

+ Fixed an issue where a Splitter's projectile attack could vanish after she was slain

+ Fixed some attack interactions with the Final Boss

+ Fixed Brimstone satellite crystals sometimes leaving orbit

+ Fixed a visual issue with Rocket Bomb (Daedaulus - Rail) and the weapon's alternate Aspects

+ Other minor fixes

Quote of the Patch

"...while Orpheus thoughtlessly looked back, all unbelieving his Eurydice restored to him and following, he lost his singing's recompense; and she had come to the verge of life only to die once more."

~Hercules Oetaeus (Lucius Annaeus Seneca; F. Justus Miller translation)

Note: You should see v0.22135 in-game once you have the update.