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Pom of Power (short for Pomegranate of Power) is an Artifact that increases the level of one of your boons on acquisition. It can be recieved as a room clear reward or purchased from Charon for 100 Obols.

When received as a reward from an Infernal Gate, Elite Temple of Styx Wing, or when purchased for 300 Obols from Charon's Styx shop, it will increase the boon's level by two levels. Applying multiple Poms to the same boon will be less effective each time. The exact effects of a Pom differ between boons.

Codex Entry[edit | edit source]

Codex.png '...There is not much to eat here in the Underworld, conventionally speaking. The pomegranate is a rare exception, having made its way down to these depths, perhaps alongside the Lord Hades, himself, when he first came to this realm aeons ago. Here, this blood-red fruit holds something of a terrifying power. At times it's called a window to Olympus; for in its acrid morsels we can almost see that hallowed mountaintop, and we grow closer to the gods who there reside. Supposedly it is also rich in something known as antioxidants, whatever those are, and whatever they are for. Look, I am a warrior, not a nutritionist.'

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pom of Power is a reference to the myth of Persephone, who was tricked by Hades into eating pomegranate seeds from the Underworld.