Shattered Shackle

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Shattered Shackle is a Keepsake that increases the damage dealt by Zagreus' Attack, Special and Cast when they are not empowered by a Boon. It is obtained by giving Sisyphus a gift of Nectar when he is found in the dungeon. Its effects can be enhanced by clearing enough encounters with the keepsake equipped.

Unequipping the Shattered Shackle between levels will remove the damage bonus to abilities not enhanced by a Boon.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Your Attack, Special, and Cast each deal +50/75/100% damage while not empowered by a Boon.

Bond Message[edit | edit source]

From Sisyphus; you share a Rock-Solid Bond

If he can hoist a boulder on his own, he knows he can be of some support.