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Location Asphodel
Combat Style Support
Health 230? (Armor: ?)
Base Damage N/A

Voidstones are quasi-living entities formed from lingering fragments of the void.

Despite their resemblance to Brimstones, Voidstones have no offensive capabilities. Instead, they emit a pulse that applies a limited-duration invulnerability shield to nearby enemies.

As of Chaos Update killing a voidstone will remove its immunity buff from other enemies.

Codex entry[edit | edit source]

Codex.png '...The Underworld was born of nothingness; of pure, chaotic void. Vestiges of this remain within this place, crystallized into a form of something that could not rightly be called life. These entities appear to be content to spread their entropy, encasing wretches of the damned in utter nothingness, a state in which they cannot come to further harm.'