Well of Charon

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A full Well of Charon.

The riches of the Underworld sometimes rise up from the suffocating dark.

The Well of Charon is an interactive shop that can be found in the Underworld. Temporary buffs can be purchased at the well to assist escape attempts, as well as Bedroom Decor for cosmetic purposes.

Wells will not spawn during the first run on a new save, nor will they spawn in the first four chambers of Tartarus. They will also not spawn within two chambers of each other, or three in Tartarus. A Well of Charon is guaranteed to appear in the room immediately following a boss.

Charon's Bone Hourglass increases the duration of Well items acquired after equipping the keepsake by 2, 3 or 4 encounters, depending on the keepsake's level.

Wares[edit | edit source]

Upon demise, all Obols returned to Charon. All sales are final.

Item Description Price Duration
Kiss of Styx.png
Kiss of Styx
Gain +1 Death Defiance (until you use it up). 120 Obols N/A
Tinge of Erebus.png
Tinge of Erebus
Gain 12 - 26 Darkness. 30 - 65 Obols 1 Encounter
Life Essence.png
Life Essence
Recover 24 - 37 Health. 32 - 37 Obols 1 Encounter
Eye of Lamia.png
Eye of Lamia
Slain foes have a 15% chance to drop healing items. 15 Obols 3 Encounters
Cyclops Jerky.png
Cyclops Jerky
Your Attack deals 40% more damage. 80 Obols 3 Encounters
Prometheus Stone.png
Prometheus Stone
Gain +1 Cast Ammo for your Cast. 20 Obols 3 Encounters
Braid of Atlas.png
Braid of Atlas
Your Cast deals 30% more damage. 40 Obols 3 Encounters
You recover 15% Health when you enter each chamber. 70 Obols 3 Encounters
Trove Tracker.png
Trove Tracker
An Infernal Trove is guaranteed to spawn ahead (if possible). 50 Obols 2 Encounters
Light of Ixion.png
Light of Ixion
A Chaos Gate is guaranteed to spawn ahead (if possible). 40 Obols 1 Encounter
Ignited Ichor.png
Ignited Ichor
Move 20% faster than usual. 10 Obols 3 Encounters
Yarn of Ariadne.png
Yarn of Ariadne
Gain 'greater power from the next 1 Boon(s) you find. 70 Obols 1 Encounter
Bedroom Decor.png
Achilles Wall-Scroll
Bedroom Decor: An image of the greatest of the Greeks. 300 Obols N/A
Bedroom Decor.png
Aphrodite Wall-Scroll
Bedroom Decor: An image of the goddess of love and beauty. 500 Obols N/A
Bedroom Decor.png
Trojan Arms
Bedroom Decor: A display of broken weapons from a historic siege. 200 Obols N/A
Bedroom Decor.png
Scrying Pool
Bedroom Decor: A water-bowl containing faint traces of the past. 50 Obols N/A