Wretched Broker

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The Wretched Broker is an NPC in the House of Hades's lounge area who offers repeatable trades for a number of collectable resources from Zagreus. The broker also offers a limited deal following each run, and may only be traded for once.

Repeatable Trades[edit | edit source]

item description price
Chthonic Key For unlocking Infernal Arms and Mirror of Night upgrades. 10 Gemstones
Nectar For gifting to friends, or to trade. 5 Chthonic Keys
Diamond For pricier House Contractor renovations, or for trade. 10 Nectar
Ambrosia For gifting to close friends, improving special items, or trade. 2 Diamonds
Titan Blood For unlocking new aspects of infernal Arms, once worthy. 1 Ambrosia

Limited Time Offers[edit | edit source]

item price saving
1 Nectar 10 Gemstones 80%
3 Chthonic Keys 25 Darkness
50 Darkness 1 Nectar
20 Gemstones 2 Chthonic Keys 0%
1 Titan Blood 15 Chthonic Keys 85%
250 Gemstones 1 Titan Blood -300%
1 Ambrosia 10 Nectar 50%
1 Ambrosia 2 Titan Blood -100%
1 Diamond 2 Titan Blood -300%
1 Diamond 100 Gemstones 80%
500 Darkness 1 Ambrosia